Attorney At Law

What would you fight for?

I'd like to think that most of our character traits are with us since birth.  Many would say that we are the sum total of our life experiences, as well.  We are shaped and molded by many things...the influences of our parents, teachers, clergy, our peers and the multitude of life lessons we have learned. 


For me, my years at the University of Notre Dame and the ensuing decades as an alumnus have given me a perspective and attitude that pervade the way I live my life, and, most importantly for your consideration, the way that I practice law.


ND is well known as a fine academic institution, and proudly owns the heritage of a famous football program nicknamed affectionately as the "Fighting Irish".  Many of you have become familiar with oft-shown images of the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, Knute Rockne Stadium and perhaps even the lakes that result in the full name of "University of Notre Dame du Lac".  What most don't know, is that overlooking one of those lakes is a small plaque.  It bears a quote from Father Edward Sorin, the leader of a small band of French missionaries who founded the school in 1842.  Father Sorin's prophetic vision for Notre Dame was on a grand scale, as he confidently wrote to the Holy Cross fathers back in France:   "This college cannot fail to succeed...Before long it will develop on a large will be one of the most powerful means for good in this country."

The average "Domer", as we are called, would agree with that statement.  Many of us would reflect on our experiences as a part of the Notre Dame family, or the Notre Dame spirit, if you will, and tell you that some of what we learned was the responsibility to utilize our good fortune and our abilities to do something help others less fortunate, to fight for what is right, to make our world a better place in some small way.  Stated differently, but simply and effectively by former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz:

"Do what is right, do your best, and treat others the way you'd like to be treated".

The notion of "Fighting for What is Right" can take many forms.  For the last few years, Notre Dame has promoted that concept, citing a number of positive initiatives undertaken by the "Fighting Irish".  If you are curious, simply click on the "What Would You Fight For" image, to your right.

To bring things back to this website and its purpose, it's very simple.  The words uttered above are not mere platitudes.  They are part of a deeply ingrained belief system.  What does that mean for you as my client?  It means that my duty and responsibility as your attorney is to fight for ensure that you are treated fairly by the legal system, and to make certain that the end result is both just and equitable.  Because that is the right thing to do.