Attorney At Law


     Many years ago, I was a young lawyer in a criminal courtroom, waiting for my case to be called.  On the bench was a highly respected senior judge.  During a colloquy with His Honor, the somewhat brash defendant blurted out, "Why do I need a lawyer for this?"  The judge peered down over his reading glasses and calmly replied, "You are correct young man, you have every right to represent yourself in this case.  You have other rights, as well.....for example, should you discover that your appendix is failing, you have the right to remove it yourself.  Now I wouldn't suggest that you attempt to do that, and for similar reasons, I would not suggest that you attempt to defend yourself against charges that might incarcerate you for the next three years without the assistance of an attorney!"


     The courtroom can be a very strange and unfamiliar place for most of us.  Let me help you to defend yourself in a setting that operates in accordance with the Rules of Evidence and procedures that are controlled by the Connecticut Rules of Practice.


     If you have been charged with any motor vehicle offense, misdemeanor, or felony in our state, I can help.  My practice extends to every court in the State of Connecticut.  If you have been accused in a Federal arrest or indictment, I can help you in that system, as well.  Representation in these matters will take some time, but you can be sure of a vigorous defense and a fair result.  Most cases do not end up going to trial, but if a trial is necessary, you will have an experienced and prepared advocate on your side.  My trial expertise and a positive relationship with the prosecutors will normally combine to produce a negotiated resolution of your case.  However, there are times when "plea bargaining" is not the way to go.  This is when a veteran trial attorney is important.  If you have been unjustly accused of a crime or crimes, it is imperative that someone like myself is protecting your rights.  On the other hand, even if there IS some validity to the accusations against you, the protection of your rights is equally important.  It is paramount that you are treated appropriately by the legal system - in a manner that is fair, just and reasonable.


     Legal services provided by my office are not limited solely to criminal defense.  If you have been sued and are in need of assistance in defending yourself or your company, do not hesitate to contact me.  Representation in the Juvenile Court is another component of my practice.  Many clients have retained me in matters involving allegations of delinquency, neglect and abuse, and termination of parental rights.  In recent years, my practice before the Board of Pardons and Paroles has increased dramatically, and I would welcome the opportunity to assist you with a pardon application.   If you have need for estate documents, i.e. wills, living wills, powers of attorney and the like, I can be of assistance as well.


     Allow me to remove some of the confusion that ensues when the need for litigation arises.  I look forward to helping you.


T.R. Paulding Jr.